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reminder to self: never go on "Vacation" with anyone from my immediate family, maybe jayne. definitely not my mom.

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i wish i updated more lol, no one else does though hehehehehe
got my tits pierced this weekend, more painful than expected. was told industrial was one of the most painful piercings ever- a fucking breeze. this though- wow. i was like actually experiencing the needle going through- normal piercings its just the anticipation that gets you and usually its over before you know it- I was like actually experiencing it as I feel my tit flesh being tugged by the needle. The piercer asked if I needed a breather before the second I was like no... >___> just to get it over with. xD

tylenol helps a shitton, but generally sore. i was able to sleep on my chest (I'm a chest sleeper) tonight.

I think the IUD was worse (feels like you're being punched in the uterus for a week + ) but this is pretty bad.

i'm reading some of my old entries and i feel like i have an issue with taking life too seriously. life is serious, but i feel like i am overly anxious and agitated. i think it took me a bad experience with antidepressants to realize i'm ruining my own life, not that the world is fucking me over (I mean it is, but its doing the same for everyone else). I am trying to have a more positive mentality, and if its not exactly what I desire it shouldn't be all DOOM DOOM DOOM, but like I consider myself an existentialist so I should view it in an absurdist manner and just shrug it off. my life isn't that bad, so I need to stop convincing myself that.

i want to start yoga. lol i'm selling outtt. i don't want to pay for expensive yoga studio sessions though. maybe i'll join like some local hippie group.

Writer's Block: Fantastic plastic
Would you consider having plastic surgery?

i'd say lipo but i'd get a lap-band before that. and i don't remotely qualify for a lap-band, but jeez all the obese people get to have the fun.

when i get wrinkly i'd just opt for a bit of suicide or find a doctor who will prescribe me tons of sedatives so i can forget i'm old. face-lifts always look weird. maybe a breast lift when my tits sag.

i'm against decieving people into thinking you're more attractive than you really are (inb4: makeup is deceptive, if you cake it on it is) so no nosejobs and shit but when you're menopausal, nothing wrong with fixing a few things that are falling apart. your money, your life.

Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et
How much debt do you have?
approx 3,500 minus taxes so its like 3300 something something sure. why not.

Writer's Block: Musically inclined
Do you play a musical instrument? For how long?
played guitar since i was 13 (guess that's like 8 years), played viola since i was in the 5th grade and stop promptly after middle school, played piano since i was like seven so that's like 14 years.

Writer's Block: R.I.P
What do you want done with your body after you die?
cremated, ashes scattered where no one can find me. :) (andes?)

or maybe mixed into concrete and cast into a statue and that thrown into the forest where no one can find me. :)

Writer's Block: I'm not a bully but...
We've all said something mean at some point in our lives. We may not be bullies but we may not always be nice. Write an apology to someone you've hurt in past.
Sorry Mariyama (Mariama? Maryama?) I was a fucked up mean middle schooler. you sure were an idiot at times, and you were gross as well, but I think I know better now. I felt bad because I was teasing you but I think I'm in a disposition to say these days that I was stupid and doing to you what I didn't want others to do to me. I still think its gross and all but you had a right to do whatever the fuck you wanted. I looked like a jerk, and I'm sorry!!! STAY WEIRDDD!

Writer's Block: When the moon hits the sky...
Describe your perfect pizza.

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…
What’s your favorite kind of weather?
warm late spring/early summer rain followed by sunshine and rainbows. cliched answer but phenomenal weather is almost emotional for me. hahahaha

and also cool breezy spring nights. and cool breezy fall nights. nights where you want to stay outside and wish "it was like this" forever. I was told san fran is like this year round. i like cool and breezy.

Writer's Block: 9/11
Middle school, 5671 rotation at neelsville. PE when the first attack happened, math class while we watched the second tower fall.

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