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i wish i updated more lol, no one else does though hehehehehe
got my tits pierced this weekend, more painful than expected. was told industrial was one of the most painful piercings ever- a fucking breeze. this though- wow. i was like actually experiencing the needle going through- normal piercings its just the anticipation that gets you and usually its over before you know it- I was like actually experiencing it as I feel my tit flesh being tugged by the needle. The piercer asked if I needed a breather before the second I was like no... >___> just to get it over with. xD

tylenol helps a shitton, but generally sore. i was able to sleep on my chest (I'm a chest sleeper) tonight.

I think the IUD was worse (feels like you're being punched in the uterus for a week + ) but this is pretty bad.

i'm reading some of my old entries and i feel like i have an issue with taking life too seriously. life is serious, but i feel like i am overly anxious and agitated. i think it took me a bad experience with antidepressants to realize i'm ruining my own life, not that the world is fucking me over (I mean it is, but its doing the same for everyone else). I am trying to have a more positive mentality, and if its not exactly what I desire it shouldn't be all DOOM DOOM DOOM, but like I consider myself an existentialist so I should view it in an absurdist manner and just shrug it off. my life isn't that bad, so I need to stop convincing myself that.

i want to start yoga. lol i'm selling outtt. i don't want to pay for expensive yoga studio sessions though. maybe i'll join like some local hippie group.

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I want mine done so bad but the pain is holding me back. I'm stupid sensitive already, I can't imagine getting a piercing there.

Yoga classes are bs. I took one and it was the exact same as the free hour+ yoga videos on hulu. And has a huge list of yoga moves and how to do them if you want to make up your own routine.

Hector wants me to get my nipples pierced lol but I already told him I'd rather get my thigh tattooed no matter how much he disagrees with ith haha.

I like yoga classes. My gym offers one in the mornings so I try to go to that one whenever I don't have to work in the morning.

thanks for the tipoff!

@Daniela: get both. ;) however nips take 6-12 months to heal, no tit sucking for at least 6 months!!!

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